Bro. Samuel Karmoji is a great song writer. The eight albums that have been released so far have blessed several people around the world. The lyrics and tune are composed by Bro. Samuel Karmoji. He composes the lyrics out of his own life experiences and clearly depicts how the Lord has transformed his life into a blessing. The beautiful music and the heart touching lyrics have inspired and blessed several people. Some of them are, కన్నీరేలమ్మా, కృంగిపోకు నేస్తమా, నీవు లేని రోజు, చాచిన చేతులు నీవే, కన్నీరు విడిచే ఓ సోదరా and so many others. All these songs are composed from the bitter experiences he had faced in his life. These songs have strengthened people in their distress. We give God all the glory and honour.

You can download the albums from the link below: