Miracle Crusades

Based on the commandment Jesus has given to His disciples, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:1), we take the gospel to the unreached people through Miracle Crusades. We are conducting Miracle Crusades in different parts of our state. We are grateful to all the pastors and Christian leaders who have been rendering their cooperation and help in organising Miracle Crusades. We ask the Lord to bless each and every Pastor who has been faithfully helping us in organising this work of God.

Our main aim is to share the love of Jesus to everyone, and to share the powerful of God. God has been doing amazing things by touching people and transforming their lives. We see thousands of people knowing the love of Jesus and being empowered with His blessings. We thank God Almighty for giving us opportunity to reach thousands of people through Miracle Crusades.

Christmas Carols

The Bible says, “but test them all; hold on to what is good”. Based on this verse, we are committed to do activities to help the people experience the love of Jesus.

During Christmas season, people usually wake up the Christians early in the morning to greet them on the eve of Christmas. However, we realised that helping the Poor, feeding the hungry, clothing the needy and providing hope to the hopeless is real Christmas. Through the genuine support of our Miracle Family members, we are able to provide blankets and clothes to thousands of people every year. Since we are committed to help the poor with their medical expenses, educational fee, and pension for retired pastors, construction of church buildings, and etc, God has begun to pour out His blessings on Miracle Family members. May all the glory be unto God! Amen.

Support for Patients

By God’s grace, Miracle Center is able to render financial support to patients who are in need of support. God has been doing miracles in their lives and they are becoming great witnesses for God.

Pension for Retired Pastors

We see many retired pastors who have done so much work for the Lord’s ministry, are now leading a terrible life. Miracle Center has come up with the idea of helping them with pension every month. We take care of their medical expenses and other needs as well.

Support for Church Construction

We also financially support some pastors to build their churches.

Educational Fee for the Poor

We are glad to let you know that we regularly pay educational fee for some poor students who cannot afford to pay the school fees. We help Engineering and medical graduate students, college and school students.

Bible Reading Program

In Psalm 119:50, it is written, “My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.” There are millions of Christians who did not read the whole Bible at least once in their lives. How can they live without reading the Word that preserves their lives? The Word gives people wisdom to deal with the false prophets. It shows the people the right way to live. Therefore, we started this ‘Bible reading in 30 days’ plan, so that people will be able to read the Bible completely at least once before they die. We are honoured to let you know that so far, more than 700 members in Miracle Center have done reading the whole Bible in just 30 days. They have shared many testimonies that their lives have been transformed and God has done many miracles in their lives as they finished reading the Bible. They tasted the love of God and have made commitments to lead their lives to bring glory to the Lord. We give all the glory to God. Amen.

TV Program

Through our TV program ‘Yesulo Anandam’, God has been allowing us to reach thousands of people with the powerful Word of God. We hear several testimonies from people that they came to know about the love of Lord Jesus through this TV program. God has blessed this ‘Yesulo Anandam’ TV program to be a blessing to thousands of people around the world. Many families have been reunited, many people cancelled the idea of committing suicide and many people have seen wonderful acts of God in their families. May God be glorified! Amen!

We hope and pray that the activities we do by the grace of God, will let people experience the love of God and bring them closer to God.